Kate Middleton and Prince William have been trying to give their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte a normal childhood at Anmer Hall. A report has now revealed what the Duchess of Cambridge feels about living a country life in Norfolk.

Raising a family outside of London has been a deliberate move for both Prince William and wife Kate. The two royal parents are adamant in providing as much of an ordinary life as possible for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Moving to the ten-bedroom Anmer Hall estate in Norfolk has given the royal family an opportunity to have some semblance of a normal life. The Duke and Duchess, along with their children, having been living a quiet country life over the years and a family friend has revealed that Kate is happy that they have moved away from England’s capital, Vanity Fair reported.

The Duchess is said to have privately told her friends that she, the Duke and their children have been enjoying their country lifestyle in Norfolk. “They love the countryside and that’s where they are happiest,” the family friend stated. The royal family’s Anmer Hall estate has provided a home where Prince William and Kate can raise Prince George and Princess Charlotte away from the prying eyes of the media. The country estate has been granted a no-fly zone policy in 2015 that helps keep the paparazzi away from the property. Tight security measures have also been enforced in and around Anmer Hall.

However, the royal couple has not confined themselves inside their Norfolk home. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also visited nearby villages and local shops. Prince William is said to often go on bike rides while Kate explores local markets. A Norfolk local even shared that the royal family “are rarely bothered” when they go out, either by themselves or with their children, as stated in the same report.

“We often see them out with George and Charlotte, but no one takes pictures or tries to talk to them. That’s why they love it here. They love the normality of life in Norfolk…,” the local added.

However, it is not sure if the royal couple will continue to live in Anmer Hall in the coming years. Prince William and Kate may consider moving to London if they decide to have Prince George continue his pre-school studies at Wetherby School. The royal toddler is set to move to a new school by 2017.

Previous reports have indicated that the Duke and Duchess are already looking at potential schools for Prince George. Speculations pointed at the possibility of the royal toddler following his father’s footsteps since both Prince William and Prince Harry attended preparatory school in the said London educational institution. However, the royal couple has yet to announce plans for Prince George’s new school.