The much-awaited 90-second advert of Kate Moss for Dior Addict, the video teaser of which went viral last month, is finally out.

Kate, who was announced the new face of the French luxe brand, was spotted in the video applying the glossy lipstick in a Parisian hotel room and then in a car while on her way to the Spring-Summer 2011 Dior show.

Besides Dior, Kate has been a part of other advertising campaigns for a number of luxury houses like Yves Saint Laurent Chanel and Rimmel. The current video, directed by Jonas Ackerlund, was supposed to be launched in April and its pre-launch has induced speculations in the industry. It still remains unclear whether Dior has changed its plans or if the 90-sec video has in fact been leaked.

Get a glimpse of the exclusive Kate Moss' Dior advert below: