Swimsuit model Kate Upton wants to take it slow in settling down with her boyfriend Justin Verlander, new reports are suggesting. Upton is reportedly avoiding questions of marriage from the baseball player.

“She’s young, and he understands that her movie career is taking off, but her resistance is starting to test his patience,” a source told OK! magazine regarding Verlander's marriage proposal. The couple has been dating for three years and the baseball player is looking to settle down. But Upton is not ready to get married as she is just 23 and wants to focus on her career, writes the magazine.

The on-and-off couple is not on good terms at the moment because of Verlander's unanswered proposal, the magazine writes. Currently both of them are busy in their schedules. Verlander also wanted to rush things as he knows he will be busy with traveling. “You can’t blame him for getting paranoid when he’s stuck on the road and Kate is off filming,” the source added.

The couple also “go for weeks” without meeting each other and the insider also hints that they may be on the verge of a breakup. “Justin has proposed too many times that he’s lost count. It wont be a surprise if they call it quits.” However, neither party has confirmed these reports.

Upton, who was 2014's "Sexiest Woman Alive," however, has all good things to say about Verlander. She told Hello Magazine in her latest interview that she is quite happy to have the Detroit Tigers pitcher as her boyfriend because she was leading a dull life earlier.

“It’s not fun to hang out with yourself for days at a time. It can be a solitary profession,” Upton told Hello magazine in a recent interview. Upton is currently focusing to establish herself as an actress. She is busy with shooting her fourth movie, "The Layover," with Alexandra Daddario. In 2014, she surprised everyone by getting cast alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in the romantic comedy "The Other Woman.”