UPDATE: Reps for Perry issued a statement to Billboard saying that the rumors the song is meant as a response to Taylor Swift are false. Original story follows:

The not-so-secret feud between superstars Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is about to get ugly. New reports indicate that Perry has registered the song title “1984,” and many people believe that she’ll use it to fire shots at Swift.

The new song title looks like an obvious reference to Swift’s immensely popular album “1989,” titled after the year of her birth. The album featured a song called “Bad Blood” that the actress told Rolling Stone was about another performer in her life she believes is her enemy in the business. Soon after the quote was printed, E! Online notes that Perry took to Twitter to drop the ominous message:

The dig was a reference to Rachel McAdam’s character in the film “Mean Girls” where she played, well, a mean girl. Us Weekly previously reported unnamed sources close to the “Shake it Off” singer confirmed that the person in the song is Perry. According to the outlet, the feud began when Swift hired some backup dancers that previously worked for Perry for a tour. Out of sheer competitiveness, Perry allegedly tried to hire them all out from under the 25-year-old singer, which could have caused a great deal of harm to said tour. It’s worth mentioning that both women also dated singer John Mayer, but that seems to have nothing tangible to do with their rivalry.

Perry, 30, registered the song title with her music publisher, BMI. Many believe that its close resemblance to Swift’s popular album title, simply swapping out her date of birth, means that the “Roar” singer is finally ready to fire shots back at the artist for indirectly dragging her name through the mud. If Perry is upset, it must add an extra sting to the insult that “Bad Blood” is immensely popular right now. According to Yahoo News, “Bad Blood” hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list at its prime and currently sits at number two on the charts.

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