It appears the “Dance Moms” cast's venture into the music business is paying off. Fresh off their meet-and-greet with Kim Kardashian, two of the young stars from the hit Lifetime reality series recently had personal encounters with singing sensation Taylor Swift.

Maddie Ziegler, who is best known for her role in Sia’s award-winning music video “Chandelier,” shared a personal snap of herself posing with the “Shake It Off” singer on Saturday. The image was taken after Swift, 25, made a stop in Pittsburgh for her 1989 World Tour. “@TaylorSwift, you’re the sweetest!” the 12-year-old dancer posted to Instagram alongside the photo. Apparently, this isn’t the first time Maddie has met the chart-topper. “So happy I got to meet up with you again!” she added.

And Maddie isn’t the only “Dance Moms” cast member to meet the pop star. Kendall Vertes, who is about to release her debut music video “Wear ‘Em Out” on Tuesday’s installment of the reality series, almost met Swift. “So this happened last night!” Kendall captioned a candid photo of herself getting a hug from the songstress backstage. “Thanks @TaylorSwift for being so kind, you’re my inspiration! Love you always.”

According to Kendall, she not only got a hug from the hitmaker but she also got to hang out with some of her friends. The ALDC dancer wrote that Swift “introduced” her and Maddie to a few of her close pals backstage. The post was accompanied by a shot of Maddie and Kendall posing with Swift and her confidants.

While the girls -- and their fans! -- may be elated over the “Dance Moms” cast meetup with Swift, they’re not the only ones. Following their meeting, Swift posted a photo of herself putting her arm around Maddie to her Instagram page.

The "Dance Moms" cast member's meeting with Swift follows Maddie's interview with Yahoo last week, in which she gushed about the singer. "Taylor’s amazing. I love her new taste!” said Maddie. “When she came out with ‘Shake It Off’ I was freaking out. I am so much more obsessed with her than I was before. I wasn’t that big of a fan until now.”

"Dance Moms" returns for the second half of its fifth season on Tuesday. Fans can tune in and watch the premiere of Kendall's music video in "Live from LA, It's Kendall K" at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.