Pop icon Katy Perry's marriage to comedian Russell Brand may not have ended like one of her catchy love songs, but is pretty clean as far as divorces are concerned. Under Calif. state law Brand is entitled to half of Perry's earnings, but the British movie star won't accept it.

The famous ex-couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement, TMZ reported, which makes any earnings during their 14-month marriage community property. This means they each get half, but Brand is only interested in claiming his own earnings.

This divorce is as amicable as it gets, and Russell was a mensch, a source said to TMZ. He doesn't want Katy's money. He's happy to walk away with the money he earned, which is far less than what Katy raked in.

The divorce won't be official until June 30 due to the mandatory six-month waiting period, but Perry isn't wasting any time dwelling on it. The starlet was seen celebrating with Super Bowl champions the New York Giants after Sunday night's match up. Fan IQ reported that the 27-year-old was seen partying with the Giants until the early hours of Monday morning.

Perry might also be working with half-time performer and pop legend Madonna in the near future. According to STV, Simon Cowell mentioned that the two singers would be ideal judges for the next season of reality music hit X Factor.

I worked with Katy once, I think she would be fun, Cowell said according to STV. I think she is hard, in a good way and she's feisty.