Katy Perry has been nothing but supportive of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton throughout the latter’s campaign and even after her loss to Donald Trump in the concluded presidential election. And now, the “Dark Horse” singer is giving support to uplift her fans and fellow Clinton supporters.

On Thursday, Perry took to Twitter to share an advice to her 94 million followers that they need to take care of their mental health now that Trump has become the president-elect of the United States. She also shared with them ways on how to cope up with the current state of the nation.

“Remember to take care of your mental health. Talk with counselors/therapists/ur tribe. Lean on your friends, don’t stop communication,” Perry wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, Perry advised that everyone should also work on their hearts and minds in order for “real change” to begin. Though Perry did not indicate the people she is addressing in her tweets, it’s clear that she wrote the messages for Clinton supporters who are engaging in the mass protests against Trump. This is evident in her previous tweet in which she is praying for her fellow supporters to “peacefully protest.”

Ever since it was announced that Trump beat Clinton to the presidential seat, Perry has been sharing meaningful messages from her fellow supporters. She shared how Aaron Sorkin explained Trump’s win to his daughter. She also tweeted about Pastor John Pavlovitz’s blog post on what Clinton’s loss really means for America.

Perry was also very vocal about her disappointment when it was revealed that Clinton privately conceded to Trump’s victory even before the final result was announced. Upon hearing the news, she wrote on Twitter that she’s “gonna cry my false eye lashes off tonight.”

Fortunately for Perry, she has her boyfriend Orlando Bloom by her side in her moment of distress.

“He knows how devastated she is over Trump’s win, and is doing his best to be a pillar of strength for her and to keep showering her with love and affection,” a source told Hollywood Life.