Katy Perry's Part of Me video features a story in which she plays a dejected lover who sees an ad for the U.S. Marines and signs up in order to get over her cheating man.

The new video (scroll to the bottom of this article to watch Part of Me for yourself) has caused significant controversy for the young starlet, as people are speaking up to criticize her for allegedly exploiting the U.S. Marine Corps for her own personal gain by using the military branch's imagery to push her song.

One such critic is Damian Abraham, aka Pink Eyes, the frontman of the band F--ed Up, who tweeted the following on Thursday:

Seeing Katy Perry as a soldier in 'Part of Me' really makes me think that we need to start a war so she can go die.

He went into damage control shortly thereafter, allowing that the tweet was not the smartest one ever, but did not take back his critique of the pop queen:

Yes I'm aware my last tweet was kinda dumb but so is glamorizing war to sell records to idiots. Katy Perry Still Sucks

Others have taken another road in their attacks on the new video, saying they believe it is nothing more than a piece of propaganda for the Marines:

Katy Perry's 'Part of Me' is an obvious Marines recruitment advertisement disguised as a music video, tweeted Twitter user Jyomi Riraj

But Katy Perry, who is surging after her very public divorce from actor Russell Brand seems to be ignoring the accusations, and instead has taken to Twitter to express her new-found views on the U.S. military:

Thank u to everyone for the love & support on the video, I have SO MUCH respect for anyone serving any role in the service after this shoot! Perry tweeted.

In Katy Perry's Part of Me video, which was filmed at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in California, she depicts herself breaking up with a cheating lover, driving away in a Volvo, cutting her hair in a dingy gas station bathroom, then changing into camo gear.

She then proceeds to go through a whole range of boot-camp-style drills: shooting guns, climbing rope ladders, etc.

Released Wednesday night, Katy Perry's Part of Me video has been viewed more than 20 million times on YouTube.

Part of Me is the newest single off Katy Perry's mega-hit album Teenage Dream, which was re-released as Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection on Monday.

Press play below to watch Katy Perry's Part of Me' video: