A grizzly bear walks with her cubs in Yellowstone National Park (REUTERS)

Just days after a man was mauled to death in Yellowstone National Park, news surfaced today of another potentially fatal encounter with a grizzly bear at Yellowstone.

While Erin Prophet was hiking in the park, a grizzly bear approached. She dropped her bag and retreated into the nearby water.

The bear did not charge, but it did not back down either.

David Beecham of West Linn, Ore., and other kayakers paddled over and picked up Prophet to ferry her to safety across the water.

Amazingly, the bear got in the water too.

The bear was getting closer to her and she dropped her back and she dropped her backpack, apparently she had an apple in the pack and we thought it was a good idea to go and get her at that point, Beecham told KVAL News.

When the guys in the kayak offered to pull me across that seemed like a better plan because the bear seemed like it wanted to be down there by edge, Prophet said.

Take a look at the video of Erin Prophet and the bear: