Keana Barnes, a Louisiana woman serving time in prison for killing her boyfriend, recently escaped from the state's Correctional Institute for Women and is on the run across the state.  

Barnes, 33, climbed over a fence, leaving blood behind near the fence as well as a discarded jacket, police told ABC News affiliate WBRZ.

The escapee was serving a 25-year-sentence at the prison in St. Gabriel for manslaughter for the death of her boyfriend in New Orleans in 2003. Barnes was picked up while making a run for it in Mexico before being sent to a Louisiana prison in 2004, according to the report.

The search for the convicted killer continues, and police are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to her arrest.

Barnes is 5-foot-4 and 140 pounds, and is believed to have shaved her head last week, though her hair is typically brown, the prison told WBRZ. She is also considered to be armed and dangerous.

According to the ABC News affiliate, residents close to the prison where Barnes escaped were not notified of the incident and are upset that they weren’t alerted sooner.

"I think as a resident living right across the street from the prisons, the police department should at least come knock on our doors, and let us know that there's been an escape so we can keep a watch out and be a little extra safer than we are, but we didn't get any phone calls," Susan Livaudais, who lives next to the prisons, told WBRZ.

Another nearby resident, Judith Gremillion, said she typically locks her doors, but is not worried about the escaped inmates.

"Pretty much every time there's been an escape, they've always had some kind of car waiting for them. They don't go into the swamp, and I've never seen them on the street," she said.

It was the second prison break in a week from the pen in St. Gabriel. The prison has a men's unit as well and the other escapee was a man, ABC News reports.