Kellie Pickler has a full schedule on her plate. Not only is the country super star performing at various venues across the country, but she’s also getting ready for Season 2 of her CMT show “I Love Kellie Pickler” and partnering with Flonase to bring allergy relief to one lucky family. In an interview with International Business Times, Pickler opened up about saying goodbye to “American Idol” earlier this month and dished on what new projects she has lined up.  

Kellie Pickler definitely enjoyed returning to the “American Idol” stage to take part in the Fox show’s star-studded and extravagant series finale. The country singer, who competed on Season 5, said it was like a “family reunion” that you actually want to attend.

“The thing that’s wonderful about ‘Idol’ is that it brings so many people together and you build these amazing friendships and relationships,” she explained to IBT. “You spend so much time together that it’s impossible not to build a close relationship with everyone. So it was like a family reunion, but one you want to go to.”  

“And of course, Ryan [Seacrest] left everyone wondering at the end, ‘[So] is it over? I don’t know,” she continued. “But ‘Idol’ definitely went out with a bang. We went out with a high note, no pun intended.”

Pickler, 29, said she particularly liked getting to work with Season 15 contestants Tristan McIntosh and Amelia Eisenhauer. The “American Idol” alum performed duets with the young singers during the Top 24 reveal.

“Going back and mentoring, that was so wonderful. It was so fun to do and the two young girls that I teamed up with, they are so talented! Just wonderful, wonderful girls with wonderful families so it was just a pleasure to work with [them],” she said.

In addition to reminiscing about “American Idol,” Pickler teased that Season 2 of her CMT show, which debuts in August, is going to be an “adrenaline-junky” season. She also revealed that her husband Kyle Jacobs’ parents are moving to Nashville and will be included in the new episodes.


“You’ll be introduced to more of our friends, and Kyle’s parents just moved from Minnesota, so they’ll actually be in Season 2 as well. So that’ll be great,” she teased. “We do a lot of fun things.”

According to Pickler, one of the great things about documenting her adventures on a reality TV show is being able to go back and “relive those moments all over again.” She explained, “It’s like a video scrapbook of our summer.”

While it seems like Pickler will have a jam-packed summer filming and then going on tour, the one thing the singer won’t be dealing with is pesky allergies. Like many people in the U.S., she suffers from allergies so she teamed up with Flonase’s Be Greater campaign and YouTube stars, the Eh Bee Family for a really fun and cool adventure.

Pickler and the allergy relief brand sent the Eh Bee Family, who are also allergy sufferers, on a trip to the highest allergy-ridden cities in the country. For those folks dealing with itchy eyes, contestant sneezing and runny noses, the trip may sound like a nightmare but with Flonase as their trusty sidekick the family of four has been able to turn it into an adventure.

“They got their Flonase RV, packs and they’re on the road!” Pickler told IBT. “They’re having a ball. They’re getting to see a lot of the country and pass out their Flonase [to other allergy suffers].”

The Eh Bee Family’s trip around the U.S. ends Saturday, April 30 when they meet up with Pickler at the iHeart Country Music Festival in Austin, Texas. To learn more about Flonase ‘s Be Greater campaign, click here, and follow the Eh Bee Family as they make their way to Texas by using the Twitter hashtag “#BEGREATER.”