A Florida woman who allegedly hit her ex-boyfriend with her truck and drove off told police she didn’t report the crime because she doesn’t talk and drive at the same time.

Kelly Gates, 21, of Jupiter, Fla., was arrested Monday on a hit-and-run charge, according to Palm Beach County Jail records. Gates was released after posting $3,000 bond, the records showed.

Gates was in a dispute with her ex-boyfriend, Mark Kennedy, when she got in her pickup truck. Kennedy ran towards the vehicle when Gates allegedly struck him with the truck. Gates denied hitting her ex-boyfriend with the truck, insisting that Kennedy rushed at the vehicle while she was driving away, according to a police report obtained by the Palm Beach Post. Kennedy sustained a broken right thumb and lacerations to his leg in the incident.

When officers asked why Gates didn’t report the incident, she said she “doesn’t talk on the phone while driving,” according to the arrest report. Officers noted in the report that there were a number of places with sufficient lighting where Gates could have gotten out of the truck and called 911.