Kendall Jenner has appeared in her first ad for Estée Lauder. In Jenner’s first campaign since getting on board as the new face of the iconic makeup brand, she stars in an ad for a new product line called “Modern Muse Le Rouge.”

The reality TV star-turned-model shared the good news on her personal Instagram page last week. In the photo, she could be seen wearing a full red suit with matching fiery red lips. She wrote: “my first @esteelauder ad is out!! #ModernMuse #KJ4EL.”

E! Online, the home network of Jenner’s reality TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” posted the full version of the poster. Jenner is seen with a bottle of the line's new perfume.

Jenner was first announced as the new face of the iconic brand last fall. She has since been featured in small ads featuring cosmetics and other products, but this is her first official campaign for the brand.

The official Estée Lauder website provides more information about the line. Apart from the eau de parfum spray that’s seen in the ad, the line also offers a shimmer body lotion. There is also a “Modern Muse Chic” eau de parfum as well as a “Modern Muse” shower gel.

Estée Lauder also shared a behind-the-scenes video clip showing Jenner posing for photos for the campaign. She is seen wearing red from head to toe, with pointed stiletto pumps and a red purse completing the look. She is also seen spraying herself with the perfume and applying deep red lipstick.

A "glam squad" is shown working on her while the lighting and camera crew captures everything. See the full video below: