Kendall Jenner has been criticized for being too skinny, but Kim Kardashian’s younger sister is not letting that stop her from showing off her bikini body.

While on vacation in Greece with her family, Jenner shared snapshots of herself in a two-piece. "Mellow moods got me, darlin,” the photo caption reads.

Jenner is currently a model, after being signed to Wilhelmina Models in 2010, according to Us Weekly.

Just last month, Jenner, 17, revealed in Harper's Baazar that she is constantly bashed for her slim figure.

“I’m trying to gain weight, but my body won’t let it happen. What people don't understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat -- it's not a nice feeling,” she said.

On Twitter, people have commented on her weight, saying, “Kendall Jenner is far too skinny #CheckThoseLegs #eww” -- @MissAlisaBaby

Another Twitter user, Amanda Fazzio, wrote, “Kendall Jenner is skinny as hell ... She needs to have a couple plates of rice and beans dayum chica."

One fan of her body though is sister Kim Kardashian. The curvier sister posted a video of her sister called “Envy” earlier this month. Kardashian taped Jenner tanning in a bikini while saying, "Look at this body on my little sister Kendall Jenner,"

Jenner replied, “That would be creepy. You’re a creepster!” Kardashian then said, “I'm just saying I'm so jealous of how tall you are. I'm not trying to be creepy.”

Jenner is 5’10” while Kardashian is 5’ 2”.