A Kentucky father, Kenneth Robinson, was arrested after he left his 2-year-old son in the back of a car during the brutal heat while he was at work.

The 31-year-old father told police he forgot to drop his son off at day care on Monday and, instead, drove straight to work at his car insurance company. The toddler was strapped to the backseat as temperatures soared to over 100 degrees in the car in London, Ky, reported ABC. One of Robinson's coworkers notched the boy in the car after about two hours and called police.

I need an ambulance at Patton-Chestnut and Binder ASAP. A child was left in the car, the co-worker said, reported ABC. Is he breathing? Is he breathing? Yes, he's breathing.

Witnesses said that the boy was alert but his face was very red. He was taken to Saint Joseph Hospital for treatment.

Robison was arrested by responding officers for child endangerment. In court on Wednesday, he pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.

Police Chief Stewart Walker said Robinson was pretty shook up over the incident. He claimed he was an emotional wreck, reported WHAS11.

Robinson faces a single felony charge and is due back in court on Tuesday for preliminary hearing, reported WTVQ.

Thirty three children have died of hypothermia in the United States last year after being left inside a vehicle. Six children have died this year. Half of the children were left in the car accidently, reported WLSAM.

Last week, an 8-month-old baby died due to heat exposure when his father left her in the car in Louisville. Little Lincoln Lindsay died after her unidentified father drove to work and forgot she was in the car.

The police have not made any arrests in this case and are treating it as an accident, reported the Daily Mail.