The Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas will protest against Kentucky clerk Kim Davis Monday, according to its Twitter account. The church tweeted an image saying that the Rowan County clerk, who denied marriage licenses to gay couples on religious grounds, was a "proud, self-righteous hypocrite" and an "adulterer."

The unaffiliated Baptist church argued that Davis committed adultery by getting divorced and remarried four times. The Topeka-based group planned to protest in front of Davis’ home, according to, a local news website.

"That man that Kim Davis is living with, and calling her husband, IS NOT! Her husband is Dwain Wallace, who she married when she was 18-years-old. It was adultery at the beginning, adultery in the middle and it is indeed adultery today!," the group stated on Twitter.

The church, which previously targeted funerals of American servicemen and women along with popular figures, also told Davis to abide by the Supreme Court’s June order that legalized same-sex marriage across the country. The group said that god “does not require YOU to disobey to deal with this nation,” over homosexuals marriage.

Davis caught America's attention after she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples citing her religious beliefs, even after the Supreme Court’s June ruling. The 50-year-old Apostolic Christian was sent to jail for five days in September after she was held in contempt of court.

Davis also blamed Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear for her legal woes and filed a lawsuit against him over the issue. Beshear had sent a directive to Kentucky’s 120 county clerks instructing them to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples, after gay marriage was legalized across America. Davis argued in a court filing, that the directive forced her to disobey the court and go to jail. Beshear has twice requested a judge to dismiss the suit.