George Muchai, a member of Kenya's parliament, his driver, and two bodyguards were shot dead by gunmen in the capital of Nairobi on Saturday, local media reports said. Muchai was killed early in the morning by a spray of bullets, reports said, citing police officials. 

“They were all shot at very close range,” said a police officer, who was among the first responders. Eyewitnesses told Citizen News that the assailants were in a car with concealed plates.

A senior police officer said, according to Capital News, the killing was a possible execution. “It is something we can’t rule out at all because we have been told the gunmen were masked,” said the officer, who was not authorized to give statements on active investigations. “It seems to us like something that was well planned but we will get to the bottom of it.”

Muchai’s family members, including his daughter, were in a separate vehicle behind him. Muchai and his family were returning home after attending a family event in Nairobi.

The officer added, “They also stole a briefcase and two pistols from the bodyguards, but the MPs pistol was found intact.” Police have reportedly launched an investigation into the attack, and are relying on a team of detectives and CCTV footage for leads.

Coalition for Reforms and Democracy leader Raila Odinga described the shooting as "bizarre and beastly, and a shock to the nation."

“I wish the families of the late Muchai and his aides, relatives and the people of Kabete God’s strength and courage during this trying moment,” he said in a statement, Capital News reported, adding, “Such horrendous executions should not be happening in today’s Kenya and more so the civilized society that we live in.”

Muchai served as a representative of the Central Organization of Trade Unions, and was also formerly the vice chairman of the National Industrial Training Authority, prior to becoming a member of parliament, Standard Digital reported.