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I'm a writer and multimedia journalist based out of Bangalore. My interests are energy, technology, and international affairs. I've previously worked for WERS and The Hindu.


CIA Pulled Beijing Officers After Hack

CIA officials told the Washington Post that the identity of agents in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing was compromised after the theft of over 22 million federal personnel records.
european flags

Eurozone Economic Sentiment Hits 4-Year High

Optimism in the industrial and service sectors contributed to overall economic confidence, but consumer confidence and sentiment in the construction sector continued to fall.
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A Marine Sanctuary The Size Of France

The sanctuary, which will encompass an area about the size of France, will be located in a region that's home to over 150 species of fish, and 35 species of whales and dolphins.
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Israeli Troops 'Attacked' AFP Journalists

Israeli authorities say action would be taken over the incident, captured on video showing soldiers destroying the reporters' cameras and using physical force to detain them.