Eniko Parrish is apparently sounding off after Torrei Hart, the ex-wife of her boyfriend Kevin Hart, accused her of ruining the former couple’s marriage. 

Parrish took to her Instagram account to celebrate the importance of “class.” She posted the lengthy ode to the topic shortly after Hart blasted her for contributing to the breakdown of her marriage to Kevin Hart.

Apparently unbothered by the accusations being thrown her way, a “classy” Parish captioned the post with the words “I'm just here like” placed beside the iPhone emoji of a cat smiling. “This too shall pass!” followed the cat’s image.

Speaking with "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent Rocsi Diaz, Torrei said her ex's current girlfriend, Parrish, caused her relationship with Hart to end. Torrei said Parrish and Hart had an affair while she was still married to the comedian. Hart then took to Twitter to defend his girlfriend, saying in a lengthy rant that Parrish played no part in the breakup of the marriage and that his relationship with his Torrei had been over for close to seven years. 

Torrei then responded to his claims with an open letter on Twitter, knocking Hart's claims about when their relationship ended. She also spoke to TMZ about Hart’s tweets.

"Despite what Kevin has said, and the time frames he is trying to establish, she was his mistress and was one of the reasons that broke up my family," Torrei explained. "Show some respect, show some compassion, take ownership. Don't run to Twitter like you're in 12th grade. Be a grown man; own up to your s--t."