Kevin Ware represents college basketball's biggest story, and greatest heartbreak, this year.

The Louisville guard had it all going for him up until eight days ago, when he broke his leg in horrific fashion during the Cardinals' Midwest Regional final game vs. the Duke Blue Devils.

The Cards won the game, and his team beat Wichita State a few days later to make it to tonight's NCAA Championship game against the Michigan Wolverines. But instead of getting to take part in the glory of playing in the Final Four and the national championship, Ware is in pain after undergoing a litany of tests to determine just what happened to his leg, and what the injury means for his future as an athlete.

Still, his teammates, his fans and the NCAA itself are doing everything they can to make sure he has a good evening tonight. The NCAA has even put plans in place to make it possible for Ware -- whose injury will prevent him from being able to climb a ladder -- to cut down the net in celebration if Louisville ends up victorious at the end of the game.

"We're going to lower the baskets," David Worlock, the NCAA's associate director for championships and alliances and the media coordinator for tonight's championship game, told USA Today. "We're prepared for whatever Louisville would like to do."

It will be an even more emotional win than usual at the Georgia Dome tonight if Ware, who is from the Atlanta area, is able to overcome his injury and cut the net down for his team, after having to stay on the bench while they played the biggest game of their lives.