Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs unveiled a $499 iPad tablet computer on Wednesday.

Below are some key features of Apple iPad:

* 9.7 inch color multi-touch display.

* Costs $499 for 16 gigabytes of storage, $599 for 32 GB, $699 for 64 GB.

* 3G wireless capability costs an extra $130.

* AT&T Inc data plan costs $14.99 per month for 250 MB of data, $29.99 for unlimited data.

* 10 hours of battery life, and a month on standby.

* 0.5 inches thick, weighs 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg).

* New iBook store has partners including Pearson Plc's Penguin, News Corp's HarperCollins, CBS Corp's Simon & Schuster MacMillan, Lagardere's Hachette Book Group.

* WiFi and bluetooth connectivity, compass, ability to view in portrait and landscape modes.

* Runs a variation of the iPhone operating system. Apple says all iPhone apps can run on the iPad.
* Supports iWork, Apple's productivity suite that competes with Microsoft Corp Office.

* 1 GHz Apple-made A4 chip.

* WiFi models ship in late March, 3G shipping in April.