A high-ranking commander of one of Moammar Gaddafi’s most prominent loyalist brigades has reportedly been killed near Tripoli as a result of air strike, according to Al Jazeera television.

The dead man has been identified as Hussein al-Warfali.

Separately, one of Moammar Gaddafi’s sons has reportedly been killed by a “kamikaze” Libyan air force pilot.
 Khamis Gaddafi, a brigade commander, was reportedly blown up when a jet flown by a rebel airman crashed into a military compound in Tripoli.

‘‘He survived the initial compound blast, but died later in a Tripoli hospital,’’ according to a report in The Khaleej Times, quoting The Sun.

According to another report on Algerian TV, the Libyan pilot crashed his stricken jet into the Bab Al Aziziya compound. However, that report did not go into details.

Other reports claimed Khamis died as a result of an air strike by French or British missiles.

Khamis ran the much-feared “Khamis brigade” of elite government soldiers and reportedly died in hospital. He was rumored to be ruthless and extremely violent.

Libyan state officials have denied the report.

Moammar Gaddafi is believed to have six sons and Khamis was the youngest.

In order to prevent further attacks on his Tripoli compound, Moammar Gaddafi has allegedly rounded up hundreds of women and children to act as “human shields” in the area.

They are taking people hostage so the resistance cannot engage them,” one witness said, according to The Scottish Daily Record.

They don't care who they round up but they know once the intelligence services learn there are women and children involved, then they are safe from attack.