One of the key witnesses in the trial of City Councilman Larry B. Seabrook testified that she'd met with a doctor to discuss her diminishing memory and on set of dementia, then gave contradictory accounts of several significant moments in the case, according the New York Times.

Gloria Jones-Grant, the witness in questions, testified under an immunity agreement provided by Judge Robert P. Patterson of Federal District Court in Manhattan. In her testimony, Jones-Grant told prosecutors that Seabrook, a Bronx Democrat, had funneled money to himself and others. She also said that the two had a romantic relationship.

There was a major discrepancy in the amount of time the relationship lasted between Jones-Grant and Seabroo. Jones-Grant originally said that the relationship began around 2004 and ended in 2007, but one day later, she said the relationship could have lasted until 2008, according to the Times.

Their relationship, among many other points, we constantly fumbled as testimonies by Jones-Grant were consistently contradicted and altered. Seabrook is charged with steering City Council discretionary grants to nonprofits in order to pay himself, family members and Jones-Grant according to the New York Daily News.