Like many other celebrities, Khloé Kardashian took to Instagram to send her thoughts to Baltimore Monday as riots raged following the funeral of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old who died of a spinal injury sustained during an arrest. Though the gesture by Kardashian might have been out of kindness -- or just to “keep up” her public image -- she was met with a backlash.

Kardashian, 30, posted a photo that read “Pray for Baltimore.” She added the hashtag #PrayForBaltimore, too. Nearly 400,000 of her 20.7 million followers liked the image, but there were plenty of negative comments too.

“Khlo ily but this is bull----. Baltimore doesn't need to be prayed for the ‘system’ needs to be prayed for,” one fan wrote. Though there were plenty who thanked her, the comment section was riddled with responses that ridiculed Kardashian.

Amid the hate she received from her illustration, Kardashian took to her Twitter account. “Y’all are too much. Damned if I do. Damned if I don't. So now it's wrong to pray? What is wrong with some of you guys? Let me pray for YOU,” she wrote. The tweet received more than 7,000 favorites from her 13.8 million followers. She was the only sister in the Kardashian-Jenner brood to post a comment about the Baltimore unrest.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashian” star didn’t follow up her statement with further comments. Instead, she seemed to move on and posted a picture of half sister Kendall Jenner. “Don't let the cute face fool you. ...  Sike. ... That's just Kenny. Perfectly cute. She ain't gonna do nothin. Vogue baby Vogue!!!” Kardashian captioned her newest Instagram post.

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