Khloé Kardashian has a message for anyone struggling with self-esteem. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star took to Instagram late Sunday night to pen an inspiring post about putting yourself first from time to time. 

Khloé, 31, shared a photo of a quote with her 44.6 million followers. The text stressed the importance of not giving too much of yourself to others. The “Strong Looks Better Naked” author then added a message of her own in which she shared her thoughts. Khloé wrote that many people believe they’re doing enough for themselves, but ignore their emotional needs. She went on to say that people tend to look to other people to make them feel whole. She urged her followers to turn inward, focusing on “self-love or personal happiness,” which, she wrote, should never be based on the level of success reached. Khloé said that, in her opinion, putting yourself first can help to “expand our minds.”


I find that people may be practicing self care on so many levels but abandon themselves emotionally. So many search for others to make them feel whole. Try to stop searching for your missing pieces in other people or material things. Self-love or personal happiness should never be contingent on success because there are always failures to contend with no matter what level. Self-love is dynamic and runs deep. When we act in ways that expand our self-love, we begin to expand our minds. We start to notice the parts we once abandoned. We will find dimensions of our soul that needs attention too. We begin to know exactly what we deserve and we shouldn't settle for anything less. Don't apologize for your past for it made you who you are today. Make your past fuel your future and the way you choose to live. Be in the now! When your intent is to love yourself rather than abandon yourself, you start being able to feel compassion for your past choices. You will start to be proud of the progress you've made in life. Instead of letting your past control your present let it fuel your daily evolution to greatness. Don't look at your past as a mistake. Look at how far you've grown and be grateful. You will finally begin to grow and elevate to a better you. You define your worth! Don't ever give anyone else that much power over your self. Less judgement- more dynamic unbiased self love.

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Khloé has been a major advocate for health — physical and otherwise — since she began focusing on fitness. She has spoken openly about how her lifestyle change has altered her mental state and shifted her confidence. In a recent interview she was asked about plastic surgery rumors that have been circulating about her. The “KUWTK” star told Cosmopolitan that after losing 40 pounds, every part of her body, including her face, began to look differently. As such, many speculated that she’d gone under the knife. Khloé told the publication she doesn’t have a problem with cosmetic surgery, but had not had any and would not unless it was her absolute last resort. 

“Everyone says I’ve had a nose job because my nose is smaller now and I swear I haven’t,” she said. “So when I lost weight, my nose did get smaller, and also I now know about contouring. Like, when I wash my face, my nose is wider.”

While she may be living a healthier life and feeling much better about herself, Khloé is no stranger to Photoshop. On Feb. 29 she came under fire for editing a photo of herself on Instagram. In the photo Khloé showed off her flat stomach and sculpted thighs while sporting workout gear in a bathroom mirror. The problem? Fans quickly noticed a distortion on the door frame behind Khloé’s right thigh. After being called out on her Photoshop faux pas Khloé shared an unedited version of the photo, writing that her haters would look as good as her “if only hatin burned calories.”

Khloé provided no additional context to her Instagram message. She did, however, later resurface on Twitter writing that she was struggling to sleep.