Khloe Kardashian's Book
Khloe Kardashian poses nude fore the cover of her new book "Strong Looks Better Naked." Regan Arts

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian has stripped naked for the cover of her new book titled “Strong Looks Better Naked.” Khloe shows off exactly what she means by the statement by flaunting her fit physique. The book is scheduled to be released for sale on Nov. 3.

According to the item description in the Regan Arts webstore, “Khloé Kardashian shares her secrets for finding strength of body, heart, mind, and soul with inspirational, revealing stories of her own struggles with weight, relationships, and her self-image.”

In the cover, Khloe poses naked while lying on her side on a bed. A white sheet covers her modesty, while her curves are still showcased. As she lies on her side, one bare leg is exposed as well as part of her famous backside. The cover jacket opens up into a full poster which reveals the entire photo.

The inspirational book comes out at the time of Khloe’s peak in physical fitness. She looks better than ever after dedicating a lot of time into physical fitness in the past two years. When her marriage to Lamar Odom started falling apart in late 2013, she started to turn to fitness as a form of therapy.

She dealt with numerous personal issues since filing divorce papers in Dec. 2013. Apart from her own relationship issues, the entire clan also had to deal with Caitlyn Jenner’s transition. Khloe took it very hard but as always, she has found strength to pull through.

Earlier this year, her sister, Kim Kardashian, urged her to appear in the cover and in a photo spread for Complex magazine. The fitness themed-shoot featured her strength and confidence.

The new book “Strong Looks Better Naked,” is expected to share more about Khloe’s journey towards building a strong body, mind, heart and soul.

The limited signed editions of the book is available in hardcover for $26.99 at the Regan Arts webstore.