Kia Motors announced that it will unveil its KV7 concept car at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show on Jan. 10.

This is a concept car, and the upwards-opening rear doors will not show up on mass-produced cars in the near future, the automaker said. But other features and the exterior design are very similar to a new crossover utility vehicle which will be launched in September next year.

Set to be shown in Detroit, the new KV7 is a crossover vehicle that bears a striking resemblance to the original concept designs for the Soul. With that being said, it seems likely that some sort of production vehicle will come out of this concept.

The vehicle features the normal SUV shape with thin futuristic taillights and some Nissan Cube elements at the rear. Aside from the normal stuff, the KV7 features swivel seating, minimalist dash, wood panel flooring, and gullwing opening rear doors making way for a center-pillarless opening on the passenger side.