The entertainment world mourned the passing of longtime radio host and philanthropist Kidd Kraddick in July, but according to a new report, the "Kidd Kraddick in the Morning" star's shocking passing might not have been such a surprise to the man himself.

D magazine confirmed this week that the 53-year-old nationally syndicated radio host, real name David P. Cradick, was diagnosed with cancer years prior to his death last summer. According to the report, Kraddick, who passed away "unexpectedly" following a charity golf event in New Orleans on July 27, had been suffering from cancer since 2009.

Reportedly, Kraddick kept his cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment a secret from his co-stars, audience and even his own daughter, Caroline, 23. The magazine claims that despite his decision to keep his prognosis private, those close to Kraddick noticed a deterioration in his health. 

"When people around the station quietly asked questions, Kraddick told them he hadn't been feeling well," reads the report, adding that he would consistently "remain vague" about his health issues in fear of becoming known as "the sick guy."

Kraddick's final toxicology report stated that he passed from a combination of arteriosclerotic and hypertensive cardiovascular disease. According to the magazine, Kraddick's cancer treatments (chemotherapy and radiation) caused organ damage, which might also have contributed to his untimely death despite the fact that he was declared "cancer-free" years before his passing. 

"[Doctors] warned of serious side effects, including organ damage, that could shorten his life," reads the report. 

Kraddick's initial autopsy, released by the Jefferson Parish Coroner's office, declared that Kraddick died from an enlarged heart, blocked arteries and an irregular heartbeat.