Nationally syndicated radio host Kidd Kraddick passed away suddenly last month, a preliminary autopsy reports claiming the Texas-based entertainer died from heart-related issues. Almost three weeks to the day, the 53-year-old’s official cause of death has been released to the public.

WFAA reported that Kraddick, who died on July 27 following a charity golf event for terminally ill children in New Orleans, passed away due to natural causes. Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich of the Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office in Louisiana confirmed that Kraddick, real name David P. Cradick, died of arteriosclerotic and hypertensive cardiovascular disease.

The preliminary autopsy for Kraddick from the Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office stated that Kraddick died from an enlarged heart, blocked arteries and most likely an irregular heartbeat. According to deputy coroner Dr. Granville Morse, the radio host’s arteries were 40 to 80 percent blocked upon examination.

Since his death the remaining cast members of Kraddick's nationally syndicated, Texas-based talk radio show, “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning,” have continued to air. The show, which kicked off its first episode without its star on Aug. 5, continued the program after receiving a barrage of requests, including online petitions and Facebook fan pages, all pleading with network producers to keep the show on air.

Kraddick was laid to rest Aug. 2 in Arlington, Texas, with only family and close friend in attendance. Fans of the longtime host are welcomed to pay tribute to Kraddick Thursday evening with a public memorial service taking place at AT&T Plaza American Airlines Center at Victory Park in Dallas. Fans unable to attend are welcome to view the event online via the radio live stream. (Watch the Kidd Kraddick memorial service here.)