Mimosas are a Sunday-brunch staple -- but not for the kids. Three Rochester, N.Y., children unfortunately found that out the hard way when they were mistakenly served champagne-filled mimosas instead of regular orange juice on their family’s outing to a local restaurant Sunday.

Jeremy and Dawn DeRoo showed up to local dining spot Bazil and ordered juice for their three daughters, aged between 2 and 7, local television station WHAM-TV reports. When one of the girls told Dawn that her orange juice tasted funny, she tasted the drink for herself and assumed that it was simply a different brand.

However, when the DeRoos heard another table complain about the orange juice, they realized that the beverages were actually alcohol-filled mimosas. The parents said that their kids slept the rest of the day and appeared to be hungover the next day, WHAM-TV reports.

Needless to say, the DeRoos were not pleased with the situation. “That’s not good enough for parents having kids drunk and sleeping all day,” Jeremy told WHAM-TV. “It's not fair. These little kids shouldn't have any alcohol, period.”

The DeRoos reportedly called the police to report the incident, but they were told that accidents happen. Meanwhile, Bazil owner Danny Daniele said that he wasn’t informed about the incident, though he was present in the restaurant when it occurred, WHAM-TV reports. He contacted the DeRoos and offered them a refund.

Daniele added that Bazil has relabeled its juice containers so that its waiters know which of them contain alcohol, WHAM-TV reports. He said that the DeRoos happened to attend the restaurant’s first-ever brunch service, which may have played a role in the kids' mimosa mix-up.