After failing to attract a large number of gamers on its official release last month, “Kill Strain” is receiving an update that starts rolling out today. The PvP game, which debuted as a PlayStation Plus freebie, is getting key changes in this new update, with San Diego Studio promising future updates to come each month.

Earlier today, “Kill Strain” community manager Zach Thomas took to the official PlayStation blog to discuss the new features that come with the update, stating that the key additions were developed in response to the feedback of the growing community of players of the game.

“Kill Strain” still has the same gameplay, which pits three teams against each other. Interestingly, Thomas cited two things they have implemented in this update that were taken from the community feedback. They are the leveling adjustments with increased match rewards and the matchmaking feature that prioritizes the friends of the user, so that the former and the latter may engage in the same matches.

When it comes to other changes in the game, the tutorial has now been improved with a simplified flow and there is the introduction of a new mercenary named Jyn, who is described as a “formidable damage dealer,” and the addition of new level 50 missions with high rewards. There is also the inclusion of the Marketplace Bundle that gives more bang for the buck because this $5 bundle contains over $30 worth of content. The “Kill Strain” update also introduces the Corporation Pack which provides players with access to current and future characters.

In addition to discussing the key additions to “Kill Strain,” Thomas also took the opportunity to reveal that the developing team is going to release regular updates and improvements from now on. For example, players can expect at least one new character each month and the addition of character skins from time to time. The team is also working on a Party System-Play with Friends feature and making exclusive event and promo items at this point.

“Kill Strain” became available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on July 12 and to all PS4 owners on July 19. The game debuted to lukewarm reviews, with We Got This Covered stating that the game “lacks creep,” was an “arguable blunder,” “incoherent” and was lacking in so many levels, with periodic freezes to boot. Hopefully, critics will be pleased with the new update.