Kim Kardashian and her beau Kris Humphries could ink a prenuptial agreement before their marriage to avoid financial complications in case the marriage does not work out.

While Kim's net worth is upwards of $35 million, her NBA star fiance Kris, who earns $3.2 million is worth about $8 million.

A major chunk of Kim's earnings come from event appearances, various endorsement deals, clothing lines and fragrance collections while Kris' family owns a couple of burger restaurants in Minnesota.

Kim's late father Robert Kardashian, the attorney who represented O.J. Simpson, also reportedly had informed Kim about the importance of prenups.

The couple has agreed to signing a prenup as they don't want things to get messy if their marriage doesn't work out. They have also told their friends that it is a smart thing to do.

Kim and Kris will reportedly get married around end-July or beginning-August so that they can spend a romantic honeymoon together before the basketball season starts, an insider tells Life & Style.