“Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” which was developed by game developer Glu Mobile Inc. (NASDAQ:GLUU), is one of the most successful apps on the market right now. Some Twitter users have lamented that they've spent much more money than they would like to admit on the mobile game, in which the reality star teaches users how to become famous.

In turn, this has many looking for the best hacks, cheats and tips; like how to make more money and get energy faster. (Because you definitely need a new hairstyle, doll.)

Unlimited Energy:  

To get unlimited energy in the game, advance the time on your gadget to speed up the automatic replenishment. The game has already tried to stop players from doing this, so there’s another step that must be done. Make sure the game is closed and removed from the cache. Then go to the phone’s device setting and change the time to 30 to 60 minutes in advance. Just don’t forget to set back the real time after the avatar’s energy is replenished!

Watching The Ads Will Pay Off:

It might be annoying to take time out of living the fabulous life, but by watching the videos and completing the offers, $10 per video and 1 silver star per video can be earned. Unfortunately, there seems to be a limit on how many times this can be done.  


Beware of downloads because many of them are scams, but according to the Epoch Times, there is a file that can be downloaded safely that will give users billions of dollars and numerous K-Stars. The news site describes the process as “cumbersome,” with users having to delete the app and then install it, but claims it will ultimately be worth it.

IBT India provided some helpful tips about how to get ahead in the game:

Money Tips:

-Extra money can be picked up in Kardash Calabasas, Kardash Miami, Kardash New York and So Chic Downtown LA.

-Make as many friends as possible to grow contact list and get gig bonuses.

-Extra points will be given to if users meet other people and guess their names correctly.

-Save money by not being rent, which can be done by simply not going home.

Dating Tips:

-Dating players that are higher on the list will help increase the avatar’s fame.

-Star dates with full energy.

-Only “charm” the people who are above the avatar.

-Don’t get dumped! If the player is dating someone else, go on another date.

Job Tips:

-Getting a job will help earn money. Store jobs pay more.

-Store jobs when energy is full

-Inviting people to join gigs will earn more money

-Gigs that last shorter are earlier to complete

Miscellaneous Tips:

-New clothes help add to star power or love power.

-Let paparazzi notice avatar to increase star power.

-Talk to everyone.

-Pick up everything; it might be useful at some point in the game.

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