While Kim Kardashian is set to give birth in July, Kanye West has been in Paris, working on new music.

But the couple was finally reunited in New York on Monday. Kardashian made sure to pair her form-fitting black dress with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes designed by West himself.

Rumors circulated that Kardashian was having an issue with West being away so much, and Life & Style magazine reported last week that the expectant couple spent only 18 days together out of the 108 days since West announced that his girlfriend is pregnant.

Meanwhile, during an exclusive interview Sunday night with television personality Ryan Seacrest, Kardashian admitted details about her pregnancy.

"I’ve had a lot of pain everywhere. I’m in pain physically. I was waiting for this amazing experience where I can just do whatever I want, eat what ever I want, feel great, and it hasn’t been that way," she revealed.

She also spoke about West and his appreciation of her reality show.

"He loves watching the show. He travels so much that it’s just not a reality for him to be there and be on, but he loves to watch it. He loves the whole experience."

She also admitted that she is not trying to put this relationship in the public eye as she did preiviously with exes such as football player Reggie Bush.

"I’ve changed a little bit on showing relationships. I felt like I gave so much of myself publicly. And when you make mistakes, it’s embarrassing. I’m going to be a mom, so I feel myself getting really protective," the reality star said.