While most of the country was engrossed in the search-and-rescue attempts following the deadly Oklahoma tornado Monday, reality star Kim Kardashian seemed more concerned with growing her empire. During relief efforts following the storm that killed 24 and injured 240 others, Kardashian was her promoting her new makeup line on Twitter. And Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx thought it was in particularly bad taste.

Sixx blasted the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star on Twitter, via Radar Online, wondering aloud if her “15 minutes” had expired and tweeting a picture of Kardashian's self-serving ad surrounded by social media efforts to help the tornado victims.





The reality star didn’t respond to Sixx’s claims, only posting a photo containing the phrase “praying for Oklahoma” several hours later. Sixx didn’t remove his original message to Kardashian but rather kept on promoting the Red Cross' efforts to bring relief to the Moore, Okla., area, telling his 460,000-plus followers to remain active in encouraging donations.

Others netizens similarly blasted the pregnant star for not using her celebrity power to endorse relief efforts as opposed to her own products.

“Why, how is she a household name?” commented leeinmarxx21 on Instagram. “She contributes absolutely nothing to this society whatsoever. Such a disgusting waste of space if you ask me,” she said.

“Put ya money where your big a** is KK [sic],” commented guitarsandra69, who suggested Kardashian should make amends by donating her makeup-line profits to Okla. victims. “Every product you endorse that’s sold from here on goes to the Red Cross!” she said.