Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West will give a lecture on a range of topics, including the objectification of women. The event, titled “Kim Kardashian West Live!,” will take place June 30 at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California.

According to event information provided by Ticketmaster, Kardashian West will talk about how she has monetized everything that she has laid her hands on since starting her public career. She has learned how to make self-promotion a business and has even released a book of her selfies called “Selfish.”

During the event, Kardashian West also is expected to speak about the rest of her family and how they have each built their own success stories and thriving careers. The members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan now have businesses in publishing, television, retail, fashion, mobile gaming, health, beauty and many more areas. They also bring in large amounts of revenue from public appearances and speaking engagements.

Kardashian and her family are also well-known for their massive social media presence. Several members of the family have millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. Her stepparent Caitlyn Jenner recently broke the record for fastest-growing Twitter account by reaching a million followers in the first hour.

Tickets for the Oakland event are currently on sale, starting at $40 for balcony seats. Those who purchase the premium tickets at $150 get a copy of Kardashian West’s book and a chance to get it signed. Dazed reports that the $300 VIP tickets have already sold out to the lucky fans who will get a chance to enjoy a cocktail party with the star. However, she will no doubt be sticking to nonalcoholic beverages due to her pregnancy.