Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West has written a letter to her future self. During her cover shoot for Glamour magazine, the TV personality and entrepreneur wrote a letter that is meant to be opened by her 44-year-old self in 2025.

Glamour shared a video through its website where July cover girl Kim could be seen typing away at a laptop. A voiceover recording reads out what she is supposedly typing into the computer.

She starts her letter by telling her middle-aged self that she should be kind to herself when it comes to her body image. She tells herself to enjoy how she looks because she isn’t getting any younger. After all, 10 years would have passed before she is supposedly allowed to read this letter again.

She then skips to her daughter North, who will be 12 by then. She tells older Kim to be patient while raising her pre-teen daughter. North will be in junior high and Kim reminds herself how tough those years can be.

Kim skips to her thoughts about other family members. She says she hopes Khloe has already fallen in love again with a great guy. She says her younger sister deserves to live “happily ever after.”

She wishes that her older sis Kourtney is done having babies by 2025. Kourtney already has three and Kim hopes that Kourtney will have time to do everything she wants, even if she has a lot on her plate. Stepsister Kendall Jenner will hopefully still be a supermodel while Kylie Jenner will be as free-spirited and independent as ever. Kim reminds herself to call her mom every day and she hopes that they are all still going on frequent family vacations. 

The reality star then shifts back to herself and says that she should still be the queen of contouring by 2025. She also wishes that there will be “green juice” that’s invented to help make her tan.

She then gives older Kim a piece of advice. She speaks about haters and how she should ignore them and focus only on the positive things. Kim then wonders if she will still be appearing on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” 10 years from now and how their expanding family will fit in the photo for their annual Christmas card.

She starts to write about selfies, social media and all the cool terms that are probably no longer going to be used in 2025. “Am I still on fleek?” she asks.

She ends the letter by setting a goal of having 100 billion Instagram followers by 2025. She says she would be very disappointed if she doesn’t achieve this milestone. Kim then ends her letter and marks it “DON’T OPEN TILL 2025.”