Disturbing new details have come out about Kim Richards most recent arrest. The former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star was recently booked on shoplifting charges after allegedly trying to leave a San Fernando Valley, California, Target with nearly $600 worth of merchandise.

TMZ reports that Richards, 51, was spotted filling reusable bags, taken from the store, with items from the dollar section. She reportedly loaded the filled bags into shopping carts and walked out of the store. Photos of the stolen merchandise posted on TMZ's suggest Richards tried to take sheets of stickers, lint rollers, makeup cases, bags of animal crackers and several other things. The site reports that the ex "RHOBH" star got about three feet outside the store before being stopped by a security guard who placed her under citizens arrest. She was taken to a booking room where photographs of her and the stolen items were taken. Richards was questioned by security about the incident, but said she could not remember if she had paid for the items r not. 

As previously reported, Richards is said to have been living in her car at the time of her Aug. 2 arrest. Following her exit from rehab in June, she reportedly stayed with several friends before wearing out her welcome and moving into the vehicle. At the time, TMZ reported that she had been "self-medicating," though it was not clear what substance she was believed to be under the influence of. 

As a result, Richards' family is reportedly considering placing her under an involuntary psychiatric hold, called a 5150. This would force the former reality star to enter treatment and stay there. The hold would leave medical staff and/or mental health lawyers in charge of any and all decisions regarding her care. Once she is deemed well enough to take charge of her life again, she would be integrated back into society and left to make decisions for herself. 

Neither Kim nor her sister Kyle Richards have spoken out about her arrest or the potential 5150 hold. Kyle, 46, did, however, recently share an Instagram post that seemingly relates to the current situation she and the rest of the Richards family are facing. The photo featured a quote which asked that people "judge tenderly" and stated that often times there is more to a story than what people see from the outside looking in.