Kim Richards
New reports suggest Kim Richards, photographed at the REVOLT and The National Cable and Telecommunications Association's Celebration of Cable held April 30, 2014, was living out of her car at the time of her Aug. 2 arrest. Getty Images

Sad new details have emerged surrounding Kim Richards' Aug. 2 arrest. The 51-year-old was nabbed by local police for allegedly shoplifting hundreds of dollars worth of items from Target. New reports suggest the former star of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" may be in dire straits.

According to TMZ, Richards was living out of her car at the time of her arrest. A source told the site she has been bouncing around from place to place since she voluntarily checked herself out of rehab in June. After wearing out her welcome with several friends she found herself homeless and began living in her vehicle. TMZ also claims she has been "self-medicating" as of late, though it is not known whether she is drinking again or using drugs.

This news comes just two weeks after Richards claimed she was "loving" her sobriety. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight the former "RHOBH" star said "relapsing was very hard" for her because she had always been so proud of being sober. She told the site she decided to go to rehab to get away from the chaos of being home where she was caring for ex-husband Monty Brinson, who continues to fight cancer. Richards added that, in addition to Brinson's failing conditio,n her son Chad Davis had also gotten sick. The stress, she claimed, lead her to drink again.

As TMZ reported, Richards was taken into police custody Sunday after she reportedly attempted to leave a Los Angeles Target with close to $600 worth of merchandise in her cart. A Security guard thwarted her attempt, placing her under citizens arrest until authorities arrived on the scene. She was then taken to Van Nuys Community Police Station where she spent one night. Richards was released after posting the $5,000 bail. Prosecuters have yet to decide whether or not they will press charges.

This arrest marks the second time Richards has found herself in trouble with the law. On April 15 she was arrested after Beverly Hills Hotel staff contacted Beverly Hills Police to report that she was causing a scene. She was removed from the grounds and taken to a nearby police station where she is said to have kicked an officer. Richards was charged with trespassing, resisting arrest and battery on an officer. She later admitted that, at the time of the incident, she was under the influence of alcohol.