Kindle Fire, Amazon's budget-minded new tablet computer, goes on sale Nov. 15 and its low price is only one reason the device makes a perfect holiday gift. For $200, you get Wi-Fi access to the Web, a full-color seven-inch screen and access to the Amazon Appstore. If you like shopping, then Kindle Fire also makes sense because of how easy it makes it to shop on Amazon. Purchasing new items like movies, books and television shows might even be too easy, leading some reviewers to call it an impulse buying machine.

Regardless of whether you are an avid reader, or simply want something portable to consume your digital content on, the Kindle Fire has lots of upside with minimal drawbacks. It comes with eight gigabytes of on board storage, so you can load a few movies on it for a long flight without any problem. But if you are not used to cloud-based storage, Kindle Fire might take some getting used to. Wi-Fi access is necessary to access any data stored in the cloud, and that might have to be taken into consideration if you plan on being offline for long periods of time.

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