Game developer and online retailer Square Enix has leaked screenshots from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Game for the 3DS, revealing that part of the game is set in the Tron world.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, also called Kingdom Hearts 3D, is set for release this Summer. The game will be available exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. The title, 3D cleverly refers to both the portable system and stands for the full title Dream Drop Distance. The development director, Tetsuya Nomura, is reportedly making good use of new portable system's 3D technology.

Kingdom hearts 3D will expand the Kingdom Hearts world, which blends the popular Final Fantasy franchise with Disney characters and locations, and will possibly lead up to Kingdom hearts 3, which has no set release date. Created by the same development team that worked on the previous franchise installment, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the new title will be the seventh in the series.

Players will alternate between controlling protagonists Sora and Riku. Disney characters appearing in the new title include Mickey Mouse, Donald and Goody, as well as Maleficent and Pete as villains. From the Final Fantasy world only Moogle will be making an appearance.

Like other titles from the franchise the game will take place in a variety of settings spread throughout several worlds. Familiar settings include Traverse Town, Twilight Town, Radiant Garde, The World That Never Was and Destiny Island. Brand new Disney settings already confirmed include The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Paris), Pinnochio (inside the whale?), Fantasia (???) and Tron: Legacy (The Grid).

The gameplay will be similar to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, while using gameplay elements that the developers were unable to incorporate into previous titles. A 'Drop Gauge' is mentioned in Kingdom hearts 3D trailer, but it's unclear what purpose it serves. The game will utilize the 3DS touch screen and will have interactive cut scenes.

Players will also see the return of the Command Deck system from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Gameplay will be 'free-flow' rather than turn-based, meaning that you attack with the Y button while incorporating your surroundings.

A new addition to the game is a type of enemy called Dream Eaters which come in two varieties. Nightmares eat good dreams to create nightmares, while Spirits do the opposite. Dream Eaters also act as party members. Sora's confirmed party members are the Wonder Meow (a cat-like Dream Eater) and the Kuma Panda (a panda-like Dream Eater). Riku's party members are the Bat Bat (a bat-like Dream Eater) and the Goat Horn (a ram/stag-like Dream Eater)

Kingdom hearts 3D will allow players to hunt and collect the Dream Eaters, each one will provide the protagonists special abilities, attack moves and co-operative actions. which come in two varieties: Nightmares, which eat good dreams and create nightmares, and Spirits, which eat nightmares and create good dreams, and also act as Sora and Riku's party members. Sora's confirmed party members so far are the Wonder Meow (a cat-like Dream Eater) and the Kuma Panda (a panda-like Dream Eater).

Check out more screenshots here and watch the Japanese Trailer with English subtitles below.