“The Knick” will be back with more stomach-churning drama when the new Cinemax series airs episode 2, “Mr. Paris Shoes,” on Friday at 10 p.m. EDT. Do you think you’re ready for all the gore? Well, after watching the series premiere of “The Knick,” we have just one tip for viewers before diving into episode 2: You may want to hold off on eating until “Mr. Paris Shoes” concludes.

The network's synopsis for episode 2 is packed with drama. “Already fuming over the hospital’s faulty new electrical system, Thackery tasks Herman Barrow, the Knick’s crooked superintendent, to deliver more cadavers so that he and his team can test out novel surgical procedures,” the summary teases. And if you watched episode 1, then you know just how scarce and coveted corpses are in “The Knick.” Hospitals are going head-to-head trying to scoop up the dead bodies before their competition – and yes, it’s just as morbid as it sounds.

But the cadavers are absolutely vital in helping the Knickerbocker advance its medical research – especially when a typhoid-fever outbreak starts running through New York in “Mr. Paris Shoes.”

Thackery will need all the assistance he can get – well, from everyone but Edwards. Thackery is bitter that Edwards, an African-American doctor, has been integrated into the staff of their white hospital. And the blunt chief surgeon has no problem saying that to Edwards’ face. Perhaps that’s why episode 2 has been dubbed “Mr. Paris Shoes.” Edwards has trained in both London and Paris, which leaves us to believe that the title is the mocking nickname someone must have given the young, talented black surgeon.

Although the capable doctor will be shunned from helping dying patients with the procedures he learned in France, Edwards will find an “alternative way to perform his duties."

Episode 2 of "The Knick" will air on Friday, Aug. 15, at 10 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen in episode 2 of “The Knick”? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories.