If you happened to miss the series premiere of Cinemax’s new medical drama, “The Knick,” which aired last Friday, you’re in luck. The network has decided to release a full version of episode 1, “Method and Madness,” online so viewers can find out (or relive) what horrors lurked throughout the pilot.

You can watch episode 1 of "The Knick" here.

Warning: This television series isn’t for the squeamish! In the Season 1 premiere of “The Knick,” viewers will get their fair share of goosebumps as they watch protagonist Dr. John Thackery (Clive Owen) shoot cocaine into the webbing of his toes, a group of doctors perform a messy Caesarean on a eight-month pregnant woman and gruesome surgery on a man without benefit of anesthesia. And that’s only naming a few of episode 1's blood-soaked moments.

The synopsis for “Method and Madness" reveals that “The Knick” takes place in 1900. “John W. Thackery, a brilliant yet tortured doctor working at the Knickerbocker Hospital in New York, ascends to the role of chief surgeon after the unexpected departure of his mentor, J.M. Christiansen,” the summary begins.

When Thackery does regretfully take on the promotion, he makes it clear that he wants his own protégé, Everett Gallinger, to be succeed him as assistant chief. But Cornelia Robertson, daughter of the hospital’s major benefactor, has a different plan. She insists that Thackery hire Algernon Edwards, a talented doctor who trained in London and Paris – and who also happens to be black, a detail she felt it unnecessary to reveal.

The moment Thackery lays eyes on Edwards, he immediately expresses his discomfort of hiring a black surgeon in a white hospital. But Robertson eventually finds a way to change Thackery’s stubborn mind. Although Edwards gets put on staff, he still “encounters enmity and resentment on his first day at the Knick, but his desire to remain prevails after joining Thackery, Gallinger, Dr. Bertram ‘Bertie’ Chickering Jr. and nurse Lucy Elkins in the operating theater for a daring surgical procedure.”

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