There is no doubt that Kobe Bryant is a winner.  Despite an early playoff exit this year, he still managed to win off the court via a popularity contest

Bryant's signature number 24 jersey ranked as the highest selling in the world this year.  The perennial All-Star and five-time NBA champion's jersey was number one in China, Europe, and Latin America. 

This also marks the sixth consecutive year that Bryant's jersey has reigned as the highest-selling in China. 

While Bryant ranked the highest in international jersey sales, Derrick Rose found himself at the top in the United States.  The Bulls star point guard and former MVP came in at number two among international sales. 

This year's first ever list of top-selling jerseys sold outside the United States was compiled by sales information gathered from international Adidas locations. 

LeBron James, a three-time NBA MVP, came in at third for international jersey sales, behind Bryant and Rose.  Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard finished at the fourth and fifth spot on the list, respectively.  

Kevin Durant, the NBA's scoring champion for the past three years, surprisingly only placed 10th in international jersey sales. 

Spanish power forward Pau Gasol's jersey was the highest-selling international jersey of a foreign NBA player.  Other international players that made the top 15 of the list included Dirk Nowitzki of Germany, Tony Parker of France, and Ricky Rubio of Spain.