Kristen Bell recently starred in the hilarious short film “Pinksourcing” that was released to satirize the huge wage gap between men and women in the United States.

The clip, which was created by The Huffington Post, opened with Bell asking the viewers a very important question. “Is your company looking to maximize their output while cutting back on cost? Why outsource all your production to faraway countries like India, China and Narnia when we have the cheapest and best workforce right here in the good old US of A: women! That’s right, with Pinksourcing, women are a bargain at the workplace since you only have to pay them 77 cents on the dollar,” she said. At this point, some of the women employees started complaining about their salary because they receive less than 77 cents.

Meanwhile, Bell went on to say that women should be hired because they never have to be paid for staying back at the office. Women also never ask for a raise or complain about their work conditions. "Do not forget, women are great at remembering birthdays. They’re the only ones who bring baked goods to the office and they smell nice,” she continued. Bell went on to say that women also don’t need to get extra cash to buy birth control pills. The clip ended with the “Frozen” actress saying that women don’t really want to work because they would rather stay at home and be with their families.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “Pinksourcing” is the first episode of the new comedy series, “Celebs Have Issues.” The show will air one episode weekly for the next 10 weeks and will tackle social issues such as transgender rights, mental health and more. “Pinksourcing” was also created to tackle gender inequality in Hollywood. Some celebrities who have expressed their concern over the issue include Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and more.