Kristen Stewart has nude scenes in her latest film "On the Road," but apparently the "Twilight" star did not even get nervous preparing for the scenes. 

“It didn't bother me,” Stewart told MTV News at last month's Toronto International Film Festival.

In one scene, Stewart is on a bed with her body exposed, as she plays the character Marylou, who is a 16-year-old bride. She is also in a topless scene while riding in a car with two co-stars and simulating sexual acts. 

“You can do no wrong with [director Walter Salles]. He puts so much inside of you. In the four-week rehearsal process, it was okay to ask any question, to bring up any story, to really over-analyze everything and intellectualize everything. Once we got on set, it was so about just breathing and letting it happen. He put so much trust in us, so it was like, "Okay, so I have to take my clothes off?" It's so not a big [deal],” Stewart added.

The film is set in the 1940s and the cast of "On the Road" also includes Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst, Steve Buscemi, Terrence Howard and Elisabeth Moss. The movie is scheduled for release on Dec. 22. 

Meanwhile, Stewart is reportedly back with Robert Pattinson, and last month, a source confirmed to Perez Hilton on Wednesday, "They are living together and have reconciled. [But] he's extra sensitive right now and insecure."

This is great news for fans who plan to attend the Los Angeles red carpet premiere of "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2,” which will be released Nov. 16.