Kristen Stewart recently attended Paris Fashion Week in her new role as a Balenciaga model. She is known for her edgy fashion and distinguishing red-carpet looks. She has even paired classy gowns with plain sneakers.

Stewart has a casual style, and fans love to try to duplicate her laid-back looks. Yet, for some reason, the Twilight saga star can't refrain from raiding boyfriend Robert Pattinson's closet! The starlet is often seen donning the Bel Ami actor's flannels and T-shirts. The two have been photographed wearing the same clothing at different times.

Just this week, Stewart wore one of Pattinson's T-shirts to a major promotional event at WonderCon 2012. Stewart has been making the rounds to discuss her new film, Snow White and the Huntsman, but she looked like anything but a fairy-tale icon in a casual Welcome to the Jungle shirt. Hollywood Life has compared the looks to Pattinson's. 

R-Patz was seen in the same T-shirt while on the set of Cosmopolis, a David Cronenberg project. Stewart has worn the actor's clothing on several other occasions, which has led to a number of video montages being made by fans. It's interesting that the two would swap clothing since they're both worth millions and can afford their own sets of attire. Last year, they were ranked as two of the highest-paid actors in the world. They both received a whopping $24 million each to star in the last two Twilight installments, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 and Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Furthermore, Pattinson just dropped $6 million on a Los Angeles mansion.

Perhaps they've just decided that investing in clothes is not important and they would rather put that green toward real estate ...