Actress Kristen Stewart believes she is very good at golf, even compared her skills with those of the professional golfer Tiger Woods. However, the performer is not very confident about her dancing skills.

"I'm a pretty good golfer. I just do the best impression of Tiger Woods that I can and, all of a sudden, my swing is dead straight," Stewart told Marie Claire in a recent interview. The “Twilight” actress, who is known for her tomboyish image, is frequently seen wearing sports shoes even during her appearances on the red carpet.

Stewart, 25, is also interested in music: She was recently spotted walking at the Los Angeles International Airport carrying a guitar in her hand and wearing earphones. The actress plays some really cool instruments and writes poetry, but she has yet to shed her inhibitions about writing songs. "I play guitar and the drums, but I haven't combined the whole poetry and music thing. I think I'm just intimidated, and if I don't do something really well, I don't want to do it," she said.

And when it comes to dancing, Stewart is flat-out uncomfortable shaking her leg, at least in public. She wishes she could dance with no inhibitions, but it does not come to her naturally. She is also jealous of people who dance like nobody is looking."I am so envious of people who dance. I was in a drag bar in Seoul with [French actress] Isabelle Huppert, who danced. I didn't. And I was like, 'Get your a-- up. Dance.' I just couldn't," she told Marie Claire.