Rumors have been flying that Kristin Chenoweth has a new man in her life, specifically former “Bachelor” Jake Pavelka, but if they’re to be believed, the Broadway isn’t quite ready to tell the rest of the world.

The 44-year-old former “Wicked” star has been seen in public with Pavelka on two recent occasions, including grabbing lunch together at a cafe in West Hollywood and again at a cafe near Pavelka’s home, in Texas.

Both times, eyewitness sources who watched the alleged couple said they looked happy together and appeared to have some serious chemistry.

“Kristin and Jake walked into Joey’s Cafe in West Hollywood on November 13 and sat together at a cozy table. They both had sunglasses on like they didn’t want to be recognized,” said a source for Life & Style. “They had lunch and held hands across the table. They started to kind of nuzzle and Jake seemed so into Kristin."

"He looked like he was starstruck and in love at the same time — just beaming and smiling the whole time," the source added.

Another source who spotted the two at a cafe in Texas told TMZ that although they didn’t show any major PDA, they were holding hands and " were veeeerrryy attentive to one another."

Just one day after the Texas sighting, Chenoweth, who is 10 years Pavelka’s senior, was asked about the rumors point-black during the Trevor Live charity event in Hollywood. Chenoweth neither confirmed nor denied the romance, telling E! News "I'm single and loving it... I'm dating. It's fun."

But despite Chenoweth’s claims that she’s currently enjoying being single, she admitted in an interview last year that she finally felt ready to get married. "I want to be married," said Chenoweth. "I feel finally ready for that. Possibly [becoming] a mom someday, even if it's to animals. My goals might be different than doing all these amazing career things. I think the next chapter will be focusing more on my personal life."