The CW is remaking the Beauty and the Beast television series and actress Kristin Kreuk of Smallville fame is set to star, reported.

Beauty and the Beast was a popular series that ran from 1987 through 1990.

It starred Terminator actress Linda Hamilton as attorney Catherine Chandler and Ron Perlman as Vincent, a lion-faced man who lived with other society outcasts in a series of tunnels that ran underneath New York City.

Kreuk's character will be a homicide detective and the Beast role will be that of a guy who was transformed after a military experiment, Inquisitr reported.

Sounds a bit far-fetched, but so was the original series and that did quite well.

Perlman received major props for playing Vincent, including a Golden Globe in 1989 for Best Actor in a Drama Series.

And here's a fun fact for fans of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series: He wrote and produced several Beauty and the Beast episodes.

Kreuk's roles have been pretty low-key since her Smallville departure, although she appeared in a few episodes of NBC's defunct show Chuck, playing a love interest to the title character. 

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